Georgia Senator Wants All License Plates To Read 'In God We Trust'

If there is one thing wrong in the state of Georgia right now, it is that not every single license plate reads "In God We Trust." In fact, the real problem is that you have to pay an entire dollar in order to get these words to appear like Jeebus Magick on your license plate. BUT DO NOT FEAR, the issue will soon be remedied by history's most important legislative proposal, from one "state Senator Bill Heath," who is here to make sure every vehicle owner in the state does not fall under the erroneous impression that they are allowed to be atheist or pagan while driving.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Motorists can already purchase a sticker with ["In God We Trust"] for $1. The sticker can be placed over the usual county name decal Georgia license plates currently sport. Sen. Bill Heath, R-Bremen, filed the proposal to reverse that order. He proposed the motto would be the default on any license plates manufactured after July 1 but motorists could buy a county decal sticker to cover it if they wanted.

Crafty! You would have to be pretty heathen to want to stand in line at the DMV for seventy-two hours just to get a sticker to cover up your "In God We Trust" motto. Makes those folks easier to spot, etc. [AJC]


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