Georgia Gov Race CRAZY CLOSE, So Republicans 'Lose' Almost 5000 Ballots

Republican Brian Kemp is running to be Georgia's next governor, and he doesn't intend to let a little thing like Georgia voters stop him. For sheer fuckery, Kemp leads the crowded field of GOP vote riggers. As Secretary of State, Kemp spent six years purging almost 1.3 million voters from the rolls for the sin of not voting. (Thank you SCOTUS for signing that permission slip!) All while shouting about NANCY PELOSI! and SAN FRANCISCO! and imaginary ILLEGAL VOTERS from brown lands! If there are 10 fraudulent voters in Georgia, then by God Brian Kemp will root them out even if he has to cancel every vote in DeKalb and Gwinnett counties to do it!

To wit, more than 54,000 voter registrations are on hold due to Georgia's "exact match" law because a bureaucrat put "NMN" for "no middle name," or they have a dropped hyphen in their last names. You will be for shocked to learn that 70 percent of the applications rejected are African American. To which Kemp replies, maybe highly-pigmented voters are just bad at paperwork. Atlanta's WABE reports,

Kemp's office blamed that disparity on the New Georgia Project, a voter registration group founded by Abrams in 2013.

Kemp accuses the organization of being sloppy in registering voters, and says they submitted inadequate forms for a batch of applicants that was predominantly black. His office has said the New Georgia Project used primarily paper forms and "did not adequately train canvassers to ensure legible, complete forms …."

His office says "the law applies equally across all demographics," but these numbers became skewed by "the higher usage of one method of registration among one particular demographic group."

SUBTLE. But wait, there's more!

A federal court has already issued an injunction against enforcing the signature matching portion of the law, since elections officials are not handwriting experts. Challenges to the law's other BS provisions are also working their way through the courts, but Kemp wasted no time filing an emergency appeal of the signature injunction. Because forcing Kemp to actually tell voters their application has been rejected and then let them fix it is a gross imposition which will throw the entire election into chaos! And, gosh, maybe those local election officials won't pay attention to that judge anyway! AJC reports,

Bryan Tyson, an attorney representing Gwinnett, brought up another potential hurdle to meeting a court order. He said the county had every intention to follow the court's directions, but that local election officials are technically required to conduct elections according to written state law.

That's not how law works! But just in case, Brian Kemp has another trick up his sleeve. What if thousands of mail-in ballot applications for Stacey Abrams just POOF disappeared! And not just any ballots -- these are ballot applications compiled by the local Democratic Party, so it's a safe bet that they're not Kemp voters. NYT reports,

Fears of voter suppression were again ignited in Georgia on Thursday after state Democratic officials said that more than 4,700 vote-by-mail applications were missing in DeKalb County, one of Georgia's most populous and liberal-leaning regions.

County officials acknowledged the missing applications in a phone conversation this week with Democratic voter protection officials, and pledged to call the thousands of voters to inform them of the error, according to multiple people familiar with the conversation.

But when local WSB-TV contacted DeKalb elections officials, they claimed only to have received 50 ballot applications. Which is super weird, since Georgia Democrats have proof that all 4,700 were posted, telling WSB,

The Democratic Party of Georgia learned from voters calling our voter protection hotline that 4,700 voters in DeKalb County who requested mail-in ballot applications did not receive ballots from the county board of elections. We have USPS scans that show 4,700 ballot applications were delivered, but the county board has only been able to find 48 of them.

Hell of a coincidence that 99 percent of the batch of Democratic votes went missing, huh? Democrats are trying desperately to contact the disenfranchised voters to get them new mail-in ballots ASAP.

SONS OF BITCHES. Please watch this video of Georgia Democrats setting up a hotline to help Georgians vote -- in five different languages! (And they helped suss out the problem for an "exact match" voter with "No Middle Name.") Maybe while breathing into a paper bag.

Voter Protection Hotline


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