Germany TERRORIST DRY-RUN Bomb Was Made By California Grandmother


That "dry-run" terrorist bomb that put Europe on high alert the past week? It was made by your grandma:

A dummy bomb that sparked an international terror alert was made by an 80-year-old woman in California and ended up discarded in a Namibia airport because of "a boo-boo," NBC News reported Friday. [...]

It remains unclear what agency or who left the bag containing the device at the airport and whether it was part of a test, an accident or a malicious act.

This octogenarian's grandson forced her to make it for his "mom and pop machine shop" that manufactures dummy bombs to be used by security officials. But nobody has any idea who decided to do this test, or if this old lady being whipped at the California work camp is herself a terrorist. Good work, everyone. We'll just let this one stay a mystery. More fun that way. [MSNBC]


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