• White House lawyers ask the CIA if there's any way they can covertly kill the people who have found out about the tapes. The CIA tells them, "no." [NY Times]

  • Oh, and hey New York Times, could you like, report things in a less damaging way? We're dying over here. [The Hill]

  • Apparently it's important that Iowans go out to vote. [Washington Post]

  • Huckabee now has something to lose: you know, this whole election thing. [NY Times]

  • Bush orders cuts in nuclear weapons, but we're not sure if they count as cuts if get rid of them by dropping them on people. [Washington Post]

  • John McCain has money and stuff again, demonstrating that he will never ever ever go away. [Politico]

  • Jealous much? [Poltico]

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