Get Ready for President Hagel!

President Sadsack - WonketteThere's nothing the press likes more than a prominent politician hated by every single member of his own party. In a medium where discussing ideology is complex and not particularly fun, it's easy to declare someone a "moderate" based on nothing but the vehement disgust they inspire in committed partisans. So Joe Lieberman and Chuck Hagel, who hold two of the most extreme positions on Iraq in the US Senate (in opposition to their respective parties), are brothers-in-centrist-arms.

Chuck Hagel -- supporter of the flag-burning amendment, committed foe of abortion, rated 100% by the Christian Coalition, is found "appealing" by "even die-hard liberals," according to the Washington Post!

Let's run the Hagel-Obama Unity Ticket! We wanna see Biden-Hatch vs. Buchanan-Nader this year! David Broder would shit himself with happiness!

Hagel Ponders White House Run as War Criticism Raises His Profile [WP]


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