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Something you wanted to ask us? Come by Wonkette's Washington Post live chat today at 3. We'll be answering heavily-moderated questions with long strings of expletives and personal attacks on various Post staff. It oughtta be fun -- here's a selection (quickly deleted) from the Live Discussion with the creators of Thank You For Smoking:

Harrisburg, Pa.: Mr. Buckley: I recall your entering a hallway to give a speech when a woman (one of your fellow Republican poiticians, in fact) came up to you and was quite upset. She stated she opened one of the books of yours they were selling the hallway and the first thing she saw was a swear word. She expressed serious disappointment in the use of swear words. I recall you then turned to me, as I was behind you, and you told me "in a few minutes, that woman is going to be very disappointed." I have read and appreciate your books, and I don't care if there is profanity or not. Do you have a particular philosophy on the use of profanity?

Jason Reitman: I try to use profanity less and less in my writing and certainly on my TV appearences, but there are times when only the F word will do.
p.s. Give my regards to the lady in the hallway and tell her to fuck off.

We'll be working to keep Deborah Howell on her toes.

And speaking of chats: In case you missed it, the illness-delayed Chatology, by Original Wonkette, was posted after-hours last night -- check it out now, so that you'll be able to speak knowledgeably about last Sunday's talk shows at work tomorrow. Your coworkers already think you're a jackass anyway, being a couple days late won't change that.

Wonkette Live [WP]

Chatology: No News Is... No News


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