Get Your Kewl Old-Timey Rags From the Mitt Romney Vintage Stores


What must Mitt Romney do to reach the kids? How about a filter, on the iPhone? The kids know how to game that. Then maybe... t-shirts with a photograph of a Latin American leftist revolutionary? That would be sort of leftist. Okay, let's settle for totebags and stuff that look like Scooby Doo art. It's all for sale in the official Mitt Romney Vintage collection!

For $20, you can be the proud owner of this "Vintage Romney 2012 Canvas Tote," like all the Civil Rights Marchers and Feminists carried while they were fighting the cops and the patriarchy, in the 1960s.

Or how about the $35 Vintage Romney Three-Quarter Sleeve Henley, like they used to wear in Vintage times? It's like all those competitive sport athletes in the 70s and stoners in Dazed and Confused used to wear: You got the one color on the bottom, see, but then there's a different color on top, and then you put them together and it's a shirt.

Maybe you're poor, like some people were in the 60s. For only three dollars (in 2012 dollars), you can buy this photo button of Mitt Romney with his father, George, who was a politician in the 60s. He lived it!

[Mitt Romney Vintage Collection]

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