John McCain has a hundred soldiers protecting him as he braves markets in California, Karen Hughes atones for the Administration's moral failings one spoonful at a time, Rahm Emanuel stuffs his own face every night of the week, Trent Lott names things after himself, Christopher Hitchens is surprisingly solvent, Chuck Hagel's offspring is surprisingly not repellent, and our favorite Marine can't stay semper fi to just one lady.

Our inbox is totally unguarded and just waiting for you to out your crushes (with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line). You share with us, we share with everybody bored enough to show up here on Fridays.

* Tuesday [5/8], at 9am, a 6 vehicle motorcade rolled through the 280/Page Mill Road intersection in Palo Alto, California. Turns out it's Walnuts!, on his way to out-crazy all the young crazies at Google. Didn't get to see whether the old geezer was wearing a flak jacket, but did get some hard stares from his security detail.

* Karen Hughes was volunteering as a server the Miriam's Kitchen Charity Event last night [5/10]. She was supposed to be serving food to the guests who paid $250/plate, but instead she spent much of her time in the back sampling all the food and drink. In her defense, she volunteers at the local soup kitchen once a month.

* I spotted Rahm Emanuel eating dinner at Oyamel on Wednesday night [5/9]. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the House-stealer in the flesh. He was chatting and dropping those signature f-bombs left and right.

* Saw Rahm Emanuel at Montmartre last night, spending most of his time on the phone, but polite enough to take it outside. I would've too, if I had to sit through dinner discussing the Farm Bill and pate' portions. Taller and better looking than pictures.

* About half past noon today [5/5], Christopher Hitchens -- light summer blazer on, hair (such as it were) slicked back, face looking rather grim -walked out of The Wyoming and into a black town car with the door being held open for him.

* Today [5/6], while weaving through the hordes at Eastern Market, I spotted a tall, hot, muscled gentleman with a big smile hanging out in the center of the crowd. It was none other than gorgeous Marine hero, Sgt. Adam Kokesh! I spoke with him for a few minutes before he turned his attention to a couple girls standing nearby (quite a ladies' man) but lemme tell you, those biceps are even better in person. He talked about a recent hearing he went to for General someone or other's testimony, but I was too busy staring at his pecs to really listen to what he was saying. I'm sure it was patriotic and sexy, though.

* Saw Chuck Hagel walking down M St. in Georgetown on Sunday [5/6] afternoon looking quite dapper in a suit with dashing mint tie. He was accompanied by his tall, dark daughter Allyn who I wish I could wonk on a daily basis.

* Saw Trent Lott at the "Lott Leadership Institute" at his alma mater, Ole Miss, today [4/27] introducing Senator Susan Collins who was giving a speech about her experiences as a Senator, Committee Chair, etc. The two ascended the podium together to speak about FEMA inadequacies, such a cute photo op.

* Saw Nats starting catcher Brian Schneider at the Giant in Old Town yesterday [5/10]. He was with his hot ass wife and their baby. Dude drives a sick silver Benz with giant chrome skates.

* Ben Stein was at the Georgetown Loews, sitting by himself at Blades Of Glory cracking up and wearing a full suit. I guess he's a Will Ferrell fan?

* Just [5/8] saw Elizabeth Smart's father in DuPont circle pulling a very heavy suitcase. He's just as scary looking in person.

* I arrived at Dulles this evening [5/7] and as I walked over to the baggage

carousel, lo and behold, Sarah Polley [?] appeared next to us in jeans, new balances, and with a cool green satchel. She was wondering aloud if the bags from Toronto were going to be on it. She seemed really smiley and down-to-earth, which I guess she should be since she's only famous in Canada.

* I was holding two dogs on a leash at the corner of N and Wisconsin in Georgetown Saturday [4/28] morning, when Mark Shields walked by and did a little sound with his mouth to the dogs. I said "Hey, I know you from teevee!" He said "Oh, thanks." Then he crossed the street and got into a Hyundai and drove off.


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