Gettin' Snarky With Ed Markey, America's Ice-Chunk Comedian


Wheatgrassachusetts Congressman Ed Markey (no relation toBiz Markie) took to his MarkeyMemo to make a little joke about the big piece of ice that broke off the Petermann Glacier in northern Greenland, and what his global warmth-denying frenemies can do, thank you very much.

Markey is the chair of the Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming, which explains his windmill-themed background and Passion for the environment. Icebergs breaking off of glaciers isn't a new phenomenon, but it's happening more regularly as the globe turns into an overheated place that can't sustain human life (we still have today, though!). Possible names for the new ice country include East Palinistan, Dumbfuck Island, and Reaganland (country motto: "The Shining Ice Chunk on an Ocean"). [MarkeyMemo/Washington Post]


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