Ghost of Nixon Breaks Into Romney HQ

Follow the money - WonketteWillard "Mitt" Romney's hideous industrial park headquarters in Boston's North End were broken into late last night, according to the Globe. Several computers and a television were reportedly stolen in what Romney's campaign calls "a routine burglary." And you know what that means: this is a conspiracy that goes to the very highest reaches of the US government. Of course, unless the Globe has a crack CIA plant "metro reporter" with conveniently high-level sources feeding him the details as part of an inter-agency bureaucratic war, we may never know what really went down at the Romneygate.

The Globe also reminds us of the following "routine burglaries" that have marked the '08 campaign thus far.

* A homeless patsy was sent up for supposedly breaking into the presumably bug-infested offices of Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd. This homeless person allegedly stole a television and a computer, two things which he'd have a lot of use for once Comcast installed digital cable and internet in his cardboard box.

* Barry Hussein Obama's Iowa headquarters were broken into in July. The "thieves" took two laptops full of shirtless pictures of the Illinois Democrat.

* Oh hey, someone broke into the Democratic Party's offices! In New Hampshire.

With Roger Stone still running around getting Nixon's face tattooed on his back we're forced to wildly speculate as to the involvement of G. Gordon Liddy, Karl Rove, Ben Stein, and Nixon's former BFF Freddie Thompson.

Break-in at Romney Campaign Headquarters in North End []


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