Giant Baby Congresscritter Throws Tantrum Over Paltry $172K Salary

Giant Baby Congresscritter Throws Tantrum Over Paltry $172K Salary

There's been a whole complicated bunch of sadness up in Congressland about Obamacare and how best to screw everyone over or something like that. One of the current favorites involves some posturing about how the GOP will make sure that federal staffers get stripped of their current insurance-buying subsidy because then they will take up arms against Obummer or something like that. We stopped paying attention because it is simultaneously so depressing and so boring, which is a feat. But our ears pricked up? perked up? whatever it is ears do, ours did it -- at the news that one of the GOP's lesser lights had used this discussion to explain how hard it is out there for a hustler:

[Representative Phil] Gingrey has led the charge in the House to end the subsidy, introducing the “No Special Treatment for Congress Act” [...]

The Georgia Republican, whose latest personal financial-disclosure forms show his net worth is at least $3 million, had little sympathy for lawmakers and even less for staff.

Capitol Hill aides, he said “may be 33 years old now and not making a lot of money. But in a few years they can just go to K Street,” the Washington, D.C., vernacular for becoming a lobbyist, “and make 500,000 a year. Meanwhile I’m stuck here making $172,000 a year.”

Yeah, we have no idea how anyone survives the mean streets of America with only a lousy $3 million in hand. How the fuck is Gingrey ever going to get ahead with that kind of bullshit money? Some flavors of Kardashian-type children make $100K just for tweeting, or having fingernails, or both, or something. Phil Gingrey is way more talented than that, for fuck's sake. And he's right. Literally everyone in Washington can go to K Street and make whore money, but former representatives never get to go, except for oh, pretty much every last one of them.

It would be nice if this sort of pathetic entitled whinging meant that Gingrey actually wouldn't land a K Street gig when he stumbled away from Congress, but this behavior likely makes him more appealing. Check back in a few years so you can hear this doofus explain that his K Street $500K stack of cash just isn't enough for one man to live on anymore because times is hard.

[National Review]


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