Giant Statue of Jesus Bombed From Space By Real Jesus (Thor)


No weirder than anything in the Gospel of Mark.A six-story-tall statue of Jesus' torso known as "Big Butter Jesus" and/or "Touchdown Jesus" -- because what is wrong with people? -- was struck by lightning and burned to the ground last night. The vulgar landmark was built in 2004 outside some mall church in the outskirts of Cincinnati. "It was made of plastic foam and fiberglass over a steel frame, which is all that remained early Tuesday," the AP reports. So now it's just an awful robot skeleton of Jesus' torso ... which is exactly what was found in Jesus' tomb on the very first Christmas right before the Roman Empire razed the entire wretched terrorist-filled provincial capital of Jerusalem.

So why did the god Thor (Allah) blast apart this stupid, ugly statue of half of Jesus trying and failing to catch a football, or perhaps waving his arms in a way that says, to watchers of American football, "I am aware of a touchdown"? Because America is Doomed, of course. But what do the commenters on Yahoo News have to say about this important development in exurban Ohio history?

  • Should have installed a lighting rod on the darn thing.
  • the man made Jesus fall down, but the son of GOD remainet the same forever.
  • okayy look..they arent downing anyones religion or anything. they are talking about something horrible that happened. and its wrong for yall to criticize people. and Ed you are right God is Love but that doesnt mean that people cant make a statue of Jesus. You dont know how many people could have gotten saved because of that statue. That statue is a symbol to people. It openss peoples eyes and lets them know they can still be saved and go to Heaven with their Lord and Savior. I am a Christian. And I take to offense half the comments that are on here. Yall should be ashamed of yalls selves. And just so you know before God will forgive you, you must forgive yourself of your wrongdoing. And what yall put on here is wrong. Yall dont seem to care about the fact that Bishop and his wife paid alot of money to have that statue made. Yall just care about criticizing people and putting down people. Yall should care about what happened and feel sorry for them. But yall dont and that is just plain rude. And Jenny I agree with you 100 percent
  • Thou shalt not make a tasteless statue in my image...
  • Wake up America a message is being sent. Not just this instance but many small ones.
  • We must never forget that George W. Bush destroyed our nation.

6-story Jesus statue in Ohio struck by lightning [Yahoo News]


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