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Do you have the constitutional right to post Hunter Biden's hog to social media? Sadly, no.

Now if you are one of the normals—someone who would never think about posting another person’s penis on your social media account; has no desire to see politicians’ kids’ penises when scrolling social media; doesn’t understand why there are other people out there who care one way or another about the moderation policies surrounding stolen penis photos; or can’t even figure out what it is that I’m talking about—then this might seem like a gratuitous matter for an article. Sadly, it is not.

The Bulwark

Do top Republicans stay silent on Trump's "call to terminate the Constitution"? Baby you know it. (NBC News)


After getting forced off an airplane for asking passengers who appeared to her to be Latino whether they were drug mules, a niece of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie bit, kicked and spit on Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies trying to detain her on Thanksgiving Day at Louis Armstrong International Airport, authorities said.

Oh is that all? In fact, it was not! — NOLA

Hysterical and misleading crime coverage? The fuck you say. (Lawyers Guns & Money)

Wonkette also has a $40 million penthouse for 10 of our staff. — Yahoo!

Excellent post by Radley Balko about why he was too credulous in believing convicted seditious conspiracist Stewart Rhodes was in the militia biz for the purpose of protecting the citizenry from overweening law enforcement. Detailed and self-searching on his own priors. Do read! (Radley Balko)

Let's have a song break. Everybody stand up and sway and look at your mama and tear up a tiny.

The Montana state constitution: It's kickass. (Daily Montanan) Not mentioned: The Montana state constitution guarantees access for the public to rivers or waters on private land (though Greg Gianforte and ... Huey Lewis ... both tried to sue over it). Which would have been helpful for these four hunters in Wyoming who never trespassed on this pharma millionaire's land on their way to public lands but got sued for $7 million anyway :/ (Daily Kos)

Reparations in California, yeah? Let's learn about it in this gift link New York Times!

Two formerly incarcerated women are in the Rhode Island Lege now. What that means, from the new and already indispensable Bolts Mag.

The churchwomen we murdered in El Salvador, and why they stayed when they knew helping to make the Church progressive in Latin America was as dangerous as it ended up being. (America)

O hai it me, the average caregiver, a 49-year-old woman with a mom and little kids and big kids and grandkids! (The Atlantic)

Do you like not dying, not getting heart attacks and brain stuff? Wear your mask, Lowly. (Okay Doomer)

Slow-cooker Italian recipes, I am going to eat the fuck out of these if I ever remember to start my crock pot in the morning. — Better Homes & Gardens

Gift baskeeeeeeets. GIFT BASKEEEEEEETS. My address is PO Box 38273, Detroit MI 48238, unless it's perishable in which case you can email me for my real address, to be used only for good and not for evil ;)

I love you. (Tasting Table)

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