Gingrich Bashes Obama for Holding Elitist Town Hall in Disney World


Newt Gingrich thinks it's really inauthentic of President Obama to hold an event inside the gates of Disney World. It's elitist, he implied, during an event of his own in Bluffton, SC on Thursday, because the event is "invitation only," and it shows just how fake Obama is, because Disney World is not a real place. Main Street, USA, Disney World is not the same as Main Street, USA, America! And the whole thing proves that Obama is not only out of touch, but self-important, for thinking he'd need the event location to be secured. Who does this guy think he is?

"[T]hey're apparently closing half of the Magic Kingdom" for the event, Gingrich said, "for which I apologize to all the people who for months have planned to take their children and go to the Magic Kingdom, but after all, who are they compared to Obama?"

Then Gingrich realized he was kind of insulting Disney World, which, oops, he actually loves, and that he was going to call up Disney and ask them if he could arrange to have his own town hall meeting outside the velvet rope, so everybody can come.

But where does the candidate really stand on cartoons? He seems to enjoy invoking Disney while insulting people, saying during a Fox News debate last fall that the moderators were engaging in "Mickey Mouse games" rather than asking tough questions.

As for the fact that Obama's event was intended to boost US tourism, Gingrich would probably respond that tourism discourages people from doing more important things, like cleaning school bathrooms. [Washington Post]


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