Gingrich Claims Nothing Happened During Secret Hotel Tryst With Romney


Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have had a meeting, you guys! It took place in the way that all such Republican meetings take place: In secret, in a hotel room, full of angry feelings. But now it's not a secret anymore, because Newt Gingrich had to open his fat mouth to let everyone know there was "no agreement of any kind." There, that's all Newt wanted you to know. Why was no deal reached? Newt did not say, but we are guessing it was because Romney declined to agree to Newt's terms of, "You concede all your delegates to me, and I will take them."

From The Hill:

The two reportedly met at the hotel where Romney was staying in New Orleans. Gingrich did not deny that the meeting took place, but said there was no deal that would spur his potential withdrawal from the campaign, according to the Washington Times, which first reported the meeting.

Some are speculating that the former House Speaker is looking to leverage his candidacy in exchange for aid with campaign debt, or a position in a potential Romney administration.

What a hot jammie party that must have been. [The Hill]


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