Gipperporn: Like the Oscars, But Boringer

war_criminals_get_in_for_half_priceWe totally meant to get over to Nordstrom's when it opened, but we're transfixed (as usual) by the commentary of Lester Holt and Chris Matthews, the Joan and Melissa Rivers of Reagan coverage:

LESTER HOLT: There's Henry Kissinger. . . Walter Mondale. . . And there's David Souter, the quiet judge

CHRIS MATTHEWS: He was mugged recently, that was strange. . .

LESTER HOLT: . . . and that looks like Antonin Scalia, just to the right of the screen.*

We think he's wearing Badgley Mischka.

They are, of course, running out of famous-for-D.C. types quickly. We recommend a tactic that's always worked for us: Making shit up.

HOLT: There's Dick Thornburgh and his third wife. . .

MATTHEWS: Lyle Hossenfeffer, was, of course, the undersecretary for agriculture during Reagan's second term.

HOLT: And here's Mrs. Reagan's assistant to the associate director of etiquette.

MATTHEWS: Yes, Lester, I believe he was in charge of flatware.

*Quotes are about as accurate as they can be considering I'm only on my second cup of coffee and still in my pajamas and the office TV doesn't have Tivo.

[AP Photo/Susan Walsh]


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