Gipperporn: What Not to Wear

i_think_i_can_see_her_braLeave it to the gays to turn Mourning in America into a catty fashion bitchfest. The queens over at Datalounge are carping on the sartorial sense of the Reagan family with unseemly relish.

"Can;t that trashy Patti Reagan at least wear a decent outfit for her father's funeral? She looks like a cocktail waitress for God's sake...If I were Nancy I would be horrified."

"She just removed her Perkins name tag after her shift ended and took the bus over to Nancy's house."

"Apparently Patti doesn't own an iron either."

Why the hostility, girls? Did someone ignore your deadly epidemic or something?

[AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian]

Can;t that trashy Patti Reagan [Datalounge]

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