Girl Walks Into A Bar...

Modo3Readers have asked why we have not commented on the recent Maureen Dowd mediagasm (mogasm?). Honestly, we can't think of anything to say, though we were fascinated by New York magazine's illustration of her hairstyles through the ages. As to her thesis -- something about how men are scared of smart and talented women -- a friend of ours did wonder if that means the single Ms. Dowd believes her married friends are dumber and less talented than she. Speaking of friends, with friends like these, who needs Wonkette: “She insists that the human logic of events is their primary logic. She’s never distracted by the political or economic explanation.” Yeah. Math is hard.

The Redhead and the Gray Lady [NYM]

What's a Modern Girl to Do? [NYT]


"There was no hiding the crow's feet that came from years spent glinting at a monitor while trying to reduce issues of national importance to the level of whatever sitcom was popular on television that year." [TMFTML]

"Put it on Judy Miller's tab"... [Drudgey]


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