Girl Who Got Hit by Brick Is Ruining DC

* Breaking news. [Below the Beltway]

* "To varying degrees, each blogger chooses his or her level of privacy early on in that blog's lifecycle. Some choose to hide every aspect of their lives, while others reveal everything about themselves short of their Social Security Number or the fact that they used to participate in Amway." [Arjewtino]

* "It wasn't enough that you hit a woman in the head over the weekend with a brick? You had to go ruin the commute of half the city today? Due to your general asshattery, I extend my middle finger in your general direction." [Metroblogging DC]

* "Unless you are an exhibitionist or a freak who's trying to torture your cab driver by making him helplessly horny, getting laid in a backseat of a car is not a comfortable mission at all, in fact it hurts all the joints unless it's a roomy limo or van otherwise you might get almost killed like Pastor Joe." [Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie]

* Happy (not) Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. [The Eagle]


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