In 2013, Silicon Valley tech millionaire/garbage human Gurbaksh Chahal was caught on video kicking his then girlfriend 117 times in a half hour and attempting to smother her with a pillow. Guess how long he went to jail for? Guess!

He went to jail for 0 days!

Yeah, he got probation, 25 days of community service and a whopping $500 fine.

This wasn't for lack of trying on the part of the police, actually. They were certainly trying. Unfortunately, they didn't secure a warrant before seizing the tape, and it was ruled inadmissible. To boot, Chahal's ex-girlfriend suddenly decided to drop the case against him. According to a lawsuit being filed against Chahal by a former co-worker, the girlfriend made this decision after Chahal paid her around $4 million dollars. Prior to the case being dropped, he also -- according to the same suit -- paid at least $250,000 to get former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown on retainer, who said he could make it all go away by using his connections to San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon. Chahal had been put in touch with Brown by his buddy California State Controller Steve Westly, an investor in Chalal's digital ad start-up RadiumOne.

[Editrix here: when Steve Westly was running for California governor as a "pro-business Democrat" one of the Democrats in attendance said to our small son, who was joining us in covering a tiny gathering, "I bet you never met a REAL BILLIONAIRE before!" or something of the sort. Your editrix then punched him in the face, no she didn't but she did use her VERY SHARP WORDS.]

Back to Chahal, he later claimed -- despite the fact that people had SEEN this video of him kicking his then girlfriend 117 times in a half an hour -- that he totally never even did that at all. He just hit her like, once, with a pillow, in self-defense. How could anyone possibly get mad at him for doing what pre-teen girls do all the time at slumber parties! And don't they understand '[t]here is a difference between temper and domestic violence,” and he just lost his temper when he discovered that his girlfriend had been having “unprotected sex for money with other people." Which seems like a fairly unlikely thing for a person dating a freaking millionaire to be doing, wouldn't you say?

Naturally, he felt very badly for himself, writing in a now deleted blog that "[t]he humiliation and shame I feel is immeasurable. The dollar cost to my business and my reputation is incalculable." OH, THE POOR DARLING. He's so embarrassed by the fact that people know he thinks it's OK to beat women! Didn't anyone think about the damage this would do to his business and reputation? How could they be so selfish! And besides, it was just a one time thing! It's not like he'd ever do that again!

OH BUT WAIT HE DID. He totally did it again! With a new girlfriend! While he was still on probation!

This girlfriend called 911 in September of 2014 to report that Chahal had assaulted her as well. Then, as if by magic, she dropped the case and jumped on a plane to her native country of South Korea, allegedly because Chahal said he would turn her in for immigration fraud if she did not. Nice! But this time, Chahal was smarter, and there was no video of the incident that anyone could find.

Because the new girlfriend declined to pursue a case against Chahal, authorities were unable to make this into a criminal case. However, they were able to charge him with violating his probation.


You know that tape of him kicking his ex-girlfriend 117 times? This time, the judge in the case ruled it admissible, because it -- along with the 911 recordings from both girlfriends -- establishes a pattern of behavior. And in July of this year, that judge found that he had indeed violated his probation by being a woman-beating garbage monster.

Sentencing for the probation violation will happen this week, on August 12. Unfortunately, this will carry a much lighter sentence than if he had been convicted of the initial assault -- at most two years. And it could still be nothing, but given the fact that the judge has seen the video, there ought to be a good chance of him getting the maximum amount. We hope that he does! And we also hope that no one ever uses or invests in his products again, for any reason! And that bad things happen to the careers of everyone who helped him! Including his buddy Steve Westly who very much wants to run for Governor of California as a Democrat in 2018, and who most definitely should not be allowed to do that.

Also, please no one ever be this dude's girlfriend again, ok?

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