Gitmo Sewing Circles And Something 'Fun' For Fish Fans

Gitmo Sewing Circles And Something 'Fun' For Fish Fans
  • New: What would the architectural model of the ocean look like? Maya Lin, artist, architect and designer of the Gash In The Earth, a.k.a. the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, has created sculptures and installations of natural landscapes using a series of very unnatural grids and maps. At the Corcoran, until July 12. [Corcoran]
  • Thursday, March 19: If you haven’t figured out why there is a giant rubber typewriter eraser in the middle of the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden yet, head down to the garden’s Pavilion Café during your lunch hour for a free, guided tour. 12:30PM. [NGA]
  • Saturday, March 21: Artist Julia Mandle is taking the narratives and poetry of Gitmo prisoners and embroidering them onto hoods made of sandbags, and she’s inviting the community to participate in her interactive installation, Fabricating Rain. The sewing circles meet twice a week until the end of April, but you can meet her today at her opening reception at the Transformer. 2PM. [Transformer]

  • Tuesday, March 24: Ecologist Zeb Hogan goes on a Wild Catfish Expedition and wants to share his experience with you. Also, is this real? 7:30 PM at the National Geographic building. [NG]

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