Piece of shit - WonketteListen up, Americans: Just because you like some candidate and send a nice campaign contribution does not mean the candidate will refrain from publicly humiliating you and your family because you're not rich enough.

Obviously, the candidate we're speaking of is hateful multi-millionaire fascist Rudolph Giuliani, whose seething contempt for the poor and working class was made evident on a daily basis during his regime in New York City. After getting the contribution from Iowa farmers Deb and Jerry VonSprecken, Rudy's campaign asked the VonSpreckens to host a fundraiser at their house. They happily agreed and spent every spare moment getting the place ready for the big event with Rudy and a hundred wealthy contributors.

But then the campaign found out the VonSpreckens are just working farmers and don't have a million dollars. See, Rudy's campaigning to the very wealthy in Iowa on abolition of the millionaire's death tax, so he can't be seen with any goddamned poor people or his commitment to the ultra-rich will be questioned.

Rudy Campaign Reportedly Snubs Farmer For Not Being Rich [TPM]


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