Giuliani Urged To Join McCain In All-Adulterer's Ticket

The people's princessJohn McCain, never a darling of the Limbaugh crowd, needs a running mate who can shore up his right-wing credentials: a god-fearing Christian who's tough on immigration and can bring social conservatives back into the fold. And who better than a thrice-married, opera-loving abortionist Manhattan dandy who once presided over the nation's largest sanctuary city, and who wowed the political punditry with his gloriously failed "Florida, then nothing" strategy?

Yes, experts advise McCain to seriously consider Rudy Giuliani as his Vice Presidential pick. He's got loads of executive experience, and his "counterterrorism credentials are sterling," as evidenced by his vigorous walking around on the day his city was the victim of the largest terrorist attack ever committed on American soil. But more importantly, Rudy Giuliani's multiple failed marriages and love of abortion make John McCain, a pro-lifer who has been married only twice, seem virtuous in comparison.

Going for Seconds [National Review]


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