Give a Kid Some Beer & Maybe It'll Shut Up

* "At a Tuesday markup of the Taleshia Ford Memorial Amendment Act of 2007, the Committee on Public Works and the Environment voted to strike a section of the bill that would make it a crime for minors to buy alcohol at ABC-licensed establishments." [WCP]

* Plagiarizing your way to the top isn't so bad, comparatively. Can you think of anything to fix DC's shitty schools? [WP]

* House advances Casino Plan recognition for Virginia Indian tribes. [WP]

* "It's time for a revolution in this country, my friends. We set up a system whereby we'd pick a few people to make sure our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was protected from foreign invaders and immoral peer-citizens. Our ancestors wanted simply to live in peace, pursuing their own brand of happiness. We're to the point where, to the contrary, more than anything else outside of terrorism, the government itself -- the very institution we set up to protect us -- poses the largest threat to our way of life. It's getting old. If you've walked out to your parked car & found a ticket for expired tags, take it in to your jurisdiction and fight to get your money back." [Big Stupid Guy]

* Bill Richardson is a hilarious cowboy. [YouTube]


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