Give This Man Twenty Nobel Prizes, For Heroism

Give This Man Twenty Nobel Prizes, For Heroism

Connecticut's gearing up for the most important election ever in 2012! "VERNON - A man dressed as a ninja waving nunchucks on a street corner this morning was arrested and charged with breach of peace, police said. Police said they received numerous emergency calls about the man, who was standing on the corner of Route 83 and Regan Road at about 11 a.m. Police said Garland Eastman, 30, of 335 Center Road, was yelling about wanting to beat up U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, among other diatribes, but he became polite and cooperative after officers started pulling out their bean bags and taser guns." Eastman/Santelli '12. Remember that time Barack Obamabeat the shit out of Joe Lieberman on the Senate floor? That was great. [Hartford Courtant via Gothamist]


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