Give Your Dad Bart Stupak, The Gift That Keeps On Giving!


  • Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) claims there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza and that Israel's flotilla massacre should be (get this) investigated! AIPAC will accuse Donna of being a muslin Helen Thomas in 3, 2, 1 .... [Think Progress]

  • Two real Americans, one a father, the other a son, were arrested for nearly kidnapping Obamacare's girlfriend, Bart Stupak. A beautiful Father's Day celebration, now ruined forever. [The Caucus]

  • Popcorn shrimping might be part of the Gulf Coast economy, but so is feverishly yanking oil from the bottom of the ocean -- why doesn't Barack Obama recognize and appreciate this? He is going to murder the economy, may it rest in peace. [RedState]

  • Reason is embarking on its very own NRO cruise to Puerto Rico, Mexico! But where is this Libertarian Flotilla setting sail from? The birthplace of Ayn Rand, Ft. Lauderdale, of course! [Hit & Run]

  • Matt Yglesias discusses in earnest the KFC Double Down and "our tendency to essentialize foreign cultures." Sometimes Matt is just so weird. [Matt Yglesias]


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