When it comes to executive fashion and grooming tips, multi-millionaire executives who buy their way into politics have long looked to Republican Mitt Romney. With his perfect George Hamilton suntan and manly CEO hairstyle that really reminds you why John Edwards looks like such a girl, Mitt truly defines the flip-flopping elitist New England style once popularized by John Kerry. And now Mitt's writing for his favorite magazine, GLAMOUR.

As today's guest blogger at the beloved fashion mag's website, Handsome Mitt shares his tips on French Cuffs, cosmetic dentistry, and how to avoid that orangey mini-mall-whore look after a few hours at the tanning salon.

Q: So how do you avoid skin cancer, Mitt?

A: We've all heard that the number of uninsured Americans recently rose to 47 million. Like many Americans, I do not believe we can continue down this path.

Q: Your little "distinguished gray" patches at the temple are astonishingly perfect. Do you worry about the health consequences of using so much "Just For Men"?

A: I know from my experience in Massachusetts that we should focus on reforms that originate at the state level. A one-size-fits-all national system would fit no one because it ignores the very dramatic differences that exist between states and the health insurance markets in them.

Q: When you're on holiday in Bali or France or wherever, what's the best way to keep looking your best even when you're jet-lagged? Do you bring a doctor along on your private jet?

A: Americans should have the security of knowing that their health insurance is portable so that when they change jobs or have some other occurrence in their lives, they won't lose their coverage.

Thanks, Mitt!

Mitt Romney: Everyone deserves affordable health insurance [GLAMOUR]


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