Gleefully Exploiting the Plame Investigation

The Advocate today drew attention to the testimony of Karl Rove aide Israel Hernandez before the Plame investigation grand jury on Friday. Naturally, the buzz is about the ever-tightening noose around Rove and what that means for the president who promised to "restore honor and integrity to the office." And The Advocate would like us to know that Hernandez is a big gay.

And here we thought ass-fucking had disappeared from the case once Matt Cooper avoided the, uhm, pokey. We assume that bringing up Hernandez's sexual orientation means we can expect this kind of detail about all those subpoenaed. You know, "Press Secretary who is uncomfortable with oral sex testifies..." or "Impotent journalist testifies..." or -- and we're just guessing here -- "Columnist who just now committed frottage in the Metro testifies..."

Gay former Rove aide testifies in Valerie Plame case [The Advocate]


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