Glenn Beck Is Asked To Retract His Endorsement Of Mr. Pippin's Fantastic Rectum Scratcher


  • "To be clear, I root for America, therefore I root against Barack Obama." Finally! The RedState dogma explained in one convenient sentence. [RedState]

  • Everything that Glenn Beck says hates him. [Think Progress]

  • Karl Rove acknowledges that he has reoccurring wet dreams about Marco Rubio, and that if he could, he would dip Marco in chocolate and then gobble him up. [TPM]

  • Here is a truly shocking video of Andrew Sullivan sipping Merlot and smelling tulips whilst lounging in his finest Brooks Brothers cashmere sport coat and blabbering on about how much he loves the Queen. And he accuses Barack Obama of being a Tory? Good heavens. [The Daily Dish]

  • It is true that Michelle Malkin is a bit of a "surfboard." But now we have even more proof that Michelle is actually just Matt Taibbi in drag. [Michelle Malkin]


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