Fusion GPS Founder Glenn Simpson Is Through With Republicans' Bullsh*t

Hey remember all those times Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson testified for Congress for one million hours as Republicans tried to catch him in a real big lie, which is obviously that Hillary Clinton conspired with the Russians to create the DODGY STEELE DOSSIER, which means it is full of lies and Donald Trump is innocent on all charges of himself conspiring with the Russians to steal the presidential election? Those were fun times! We liveblogged the transcripts, and sadly, despite how we are dealing with such mental geniuses as Jim Jordan and Louie Gohmert (and Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham over in the Senate!), they were never able to catch Simpson in a GOTCHA!

And why? Because Republicans are full of shit.

And Glenn Simpson is through with it. So this time, when the House GOP subpoenaed him, the response was "oh fuck off." His lawyer Joshua Levy grabbed the talking stick and openly and honestly communicated his client's feelings, which, again, are "fuck off."

Simpson's attorney said the Republican-led Judiciary Committee has turned a blind eye to "White House efforts to influence and interfere with the Justice Department's investigation in this administration," noting that it has gone after whistleblowers and Mueller.

Levy compared their efforts to McCarthyism.

"Like Sen. [Joseph] McCarthy, this committee has largely conducted its business in secret confidential interviews and depositions, binding witnesses and their counsels to silence, while the members walk outside to all of you and the media and the public and selectively leak from those interviews to tell you what they want you to hear," Levy added.

That's exactly their playbook! It's like when Devin Nunes has somebody else read a super-secret classified document for him (he never reads shit himself, possibly because he is always busy trying to woo some cows), but then says "NO YOU CAN'T SEE IT!" so he and his fellow GOP idiots have time to selectively leak shit to Fox News in order to frame the narrative.

Part of the issue Simpson and Levy had with this particular testimony is that it was not only behind closed doors but also confidential, which means bad actors like Mark Meadows can leak and lie even more about what Simpson testifies to. Levy also noted that these Republicans didn't seem to mind all the times Trump's band of merry motherfuckers "invoked their privileges or outright just decided not to comply with subpoenas," so quit yer whining about when Simpson exercises his Constitutional right to say "fuck off."

Speaking of Mark Meadows, he is MAD. He said this to reporters after Simpson was forced to tell the committee to its face that "go fuck yourselves":


LOL, we are saying a tease, that is not a real quote from a United States congressman! But his real quotes aren't worth your time and Wonkette feels we have captured Meadows's spirit.

Jim Jordan, meanwhile, got on Twitter to yell incoherently at clouds while continuing to ignore all those wrestlers who got sexually abused at Ohio State under his watch. Look at this shit, like what does it even mean:

Yeah, most of the latter part of that isn't actually true, it's just what Jim Jordan sees when he's hallucinating off his own farts.

More complain:

Or maybe he's just saying FUCK OFF.

Look, we know it's gotta make a congressman who likes to obstruct justice for Donald Trump real mad that Glenn Simpson is doing this. But good lord, this dog-and-pony show has gone on for a long time, and those congressmen have wasted so much of everybody's time and money doing everything they possibly can to prevent a real investigation into the Trump campaign's Russian crimes. But what the hell do they think they're going to accomplish with yet another hearing about yet more bullshit? Or as Levy puts it:

"The Russians tried to elect Donald Trump president," Levy said. "It's been proven. And you're quibbling about whether this little detail on page 127 was correct or not? It's absurd, we gotta stop this."

The other thing Simpson knows and Levy knows is that there's a very good chance that after November 6, the House GOP's time for grandstanding bullshit will come to an end. And we're betting Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan and the others know that. So fuck it, let's have one more last hurrah before some semblance of sanity is restored to the House of Representatives.

Of course that only happens if everybody votes, so VOTE MOTHERFUCKERS VOTE.

[The Hill]

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