Global Warming Hotheads Attack CEI

Remember that CEI video we mentioned last month, the one attempting to cast doubt upon global warming? We found it amusing; but many people had far more visceral reactions.

Howard Mortman collected them here. Several are gems; here's our favorite:

You sick lying soulless ignorant son's of bitch's! Selling out that kid in your commercials future for a few more dollars. Nothing in the Science supports the misleading claims in your adds. You can expect an especially large amount of warming in your future... IN HELL! Anyway have a good day... Jackasses! Ignorance and greed mixed together... what a shitty combination.

More heartfelt responses to the CEI ad appear after the jump.

What liberal media? Check out this piece of hate mail:

Just saw this. It is embarrassing. CEI's credibility is taking a big hit here. What's next: Your Friend Nicotine? Please remove me from your press lists. [from a reporter working for a major California newspaper]

("Your Friend Nicotine"? Don't put it past them. At their big awards dinner, the CEI crew gave out free ciggies.)

Then there's this one, a throwback to 17th century Salem:

At one time people could be burned at the stake for knowingly misleading the pubic [sic]. There are people who are ready to revive that tradition for those who have mislead the public and caused correcting the serious problem of global warming to be postponed.

Finally, a highly scientific response to CEI's video:

You are conscious and wilful liars. The rest of the world sees what you are doing and will not forgive your greed. I invoke the law of three on you, as individuals and as an entity. [from an official in a foreign government]

The "law of three," apparently, is a tenet of Wicca.

Check out the complete collection of intemperate reactions here. If we could harness this anger to power our cars, we wouldn't need gasoline.

Let's Peek Inside Today's Global Warming Hate Mailbag [Extreme Mortman]

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