Globetrotting Rat Pack Divorcee Dies At 82

 - WonketteOf course we're talking about a Kennedy ... who did you expect, a Carter?

Patricia Kennedy Lawford died in New York on Sunday at age 82. She had been ill with pneumonia.

Her brother John Fitzgerald introduced her to Lawford, the British actor who was running with Sinatra's social club in Hollywood. For a year or two before the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK's assassination, civil rights battles and the Beatles tear-gassed the swingin' American cocktail party, the White House and the Rat Pack jointly ruled the country.

Brother Teddy and sisters Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Jean Kennedy Smith are now all that remains of Joe Kennedy's famous spawn.

Patricia Kennedy Lawford Dies at 82 [New York Times]

JFK's Sister, Patricia, Dies At 82 [NBC 5]


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