We asked for what you're sick of and now we know: You're sick of it all. You don't want to hear about blame games, the MSM, the nuclear option, activist judges, mission accomplished, up or down votes, Zell Miller, criminalizing politics OR politicizing the war, Christopher Hitchens, Hillary Clinton, do-overs, the same intelligence or Googling monkeys.

As it happens, developing elaborate taxonomies for the things we loathe was the hobby that got us through grad school. So we can't look at this bile-churning list without thinking: Sure, there's a lot to hate, but shouldn't there be some way of organizing it? Thus: "Go Away: The Poll." Starting this week, we'll round up a slew of the words, phrases and people Wonkette readers wish to be banned. Then you can vote on the most loathsome. Fun!

This week: Banned words and phrases, Executive Branch. "Ongoing investigation" is already on there. Send your further suggestions to , please put "Go away" in the subject line. If you want to be nice, include "executive branch," too. But who wants to be nice?

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