Go Away Poll, Executive Branch Division: Polls Close in Six Hours!

It is ironic that the phrase Wonkette readers would most like to see banished from the Bush administration propaganda repertoire is "Anyone hating anyone's freedom"? Do you hate the Bush administration's freedom, Wonkette readers? With hours left in voting, a freedom-hating-less world looks to be the most desired outcome -- ahead by about 200 points over its closest competitor in the annoyance race, "Stay the course." We would like to thank the 10 people who voted for "Gotta clear the debris." At least you noticed.

Vote here. Send noms for next week's Scott McClellan Banned Words and Phrases Poll to , please put "go away" in the subject line. A further Scotty-specific identifier would be lovely. And, yes, we realize that "ongoing investigation" will probably win.

Remember, the following weeks bring more opprotunities to fume!

Banned words and phrases for the media

Banned words and phrases, judicial and legislative branches


We've gotta go re-write some history, please don't mark any grim milestones while we're gone!


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