God Told Pat, But Pat's Not Talking

He doesn't like it when people are mean to himPat Robertson talks to God, who is obviously as obsessed with the 2008 Presidential elections as anyone because he doesn't care that much about any of the other problems in the world because we're like the really big Christian Nation. And although Robertson already endorsed Giuliani before this year's chat with God, God told him some stuff. Important stuff. Election-y stuff.

But, neener neener, Pat's not tell you, assholes! God totes told him who is gonna win the 2008 Presidential elections but Pat is sick to fucking death of that Andy Rooney bully making fun of him so he's not going to say. So, there!

Also, he's not taking back his Giuliani endorsement. And "God" is definitely not the name of his imaginary friend.

Pat Robertson: God told me who will win '08 election [Think Progress]


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