Godzilla Crushes Camper Van Beethoven And More In These Afternoon Happy Links


We hepped you to the terrifying reality of the Kentucky Fried Chicken corsage. Perfect for prom!

We genuinely do wish we liked El Camino Real, the new record by the venerable Camper Van Beethoven, a bit more.

We watched the Nashville finale. There was a big cliffhanger you'll probably care about, and one you probably won't, but you'll definitely care about our recap.

Aaron Hernandez, the former NFL player, seems incapable of not ALLEGEDLY murdering people.

Godzilla! Monster movie! Bryan Cranston! We saw it and found it surprisingly touching and humanizing, rather than just monster-stompy.

Stephen Colbert pledges to do nothing about climate change, which may or may not be a real thing.

Pro tip: if you are a big powerful lawyer and you would like to contract with a young lady friend who happens to be a law student for some lawyer-on-wannabe-lawyer sexytime, make sure that you have another lawyer review that contract so it doesn't bite you in the ass.

Dream a little dream of sideboob.


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