Golf Cart Of Doom

  • Looking for a way to criticize Barack Obama, the Republicans throw something against the wall that finally sticks. [Politico]
  • David Axelrod thinks voters "don't ... have much tolerance" for frivolous commercials comparing Barack Obama to common trash celebrities. Really? [New York Times]
  • John McCain's advisors are pulling their hair out trying to make him stay "on message," with little in the way of success. [Washington Post]
  • Tiny electric cars look ridiculous, but they are kind of awesome too. Even Texans are driving them! [Wall Street Journal]
  • This is what our hard-working Speaker of the House is up to this week: getting Congresspeople to clear their posters out of the hallway. [The Hill]
  • George Bush didn't declare victory in Iraq, but he has definitely started making noises about "significant progress." [AP]

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