Gonzo, like Ashcroft, a Hero

  • Gonzo was against destroying the torture tapes, probably because he liked watching them. [TPM]
  • Aw, what a cute token thing Congress has done in the face of massive, worldwide catastrophe. [WorldNet Daily]
  • Hey, can we put people with a disdain for the democratic process on the Federal Election Commission? Great, thanks. [Carpetbagger Report]
  • The CIA gets a one way ticket to subpoenaville. [TPM]
  • Oooold neeeeews. [Political Wire]
  • Cynthia, thank God we won't be without you for long. [Fresh Intelligence]
  • Millions of people may love Oprah, but the other 280 million of us can't fucking stand her. [Swamp Politics]
  • Joe Biden's going to be on the teevee and not even for a debate! [Political Radar]
  • NoLa riots may soon be coming to Houston. [Michelle Malkin]

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