Alberto Gonzales went before congress again today to say pretty much the exact same things he said before, but this time about the ninth/first fired attorney general. Gonzales continues to do a bang-up job of demonstrating the administration's contempt for congress in general, so expect him to hang on to his job for another year.

Lamar Smith (R-Who Cares) was the only one willing to tell it like it is.

"The list of accusations has mushroomed, but the evidence of wrongdoing has not," Rep. Lamar said. "If there are no fish in this lake, we should reel in our lines of questions, dock our empty boat and turn to more pressing issues."

Yeah, then we should hop back into the pickup truck of bipartisanship and ride the gravel road of the American people's real priorities back to the cabin of HR 1700, the "COPS Improvement Act of 2007."

House GOP to Gonzo: Scandal, What Scandal? [WP]


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