Gonzo to Not Care About No Confidence Vote

You just keep us hanging on - WonketteNow that Paul Wolfowitz has finally lost the secret game of Resignation Chicken between him and Alberto Gonzales, the Attorney General can pretty much feel free to resign whenever he likes. Al being a stubborn and fairly stupid sort, though, he will probably want to rub his victory in Paul's face by waiting for an actual real-life "vote of no confidence."

Even toothy sycophant Norm Coleman wants Gonzo out, so Senate Dems have decided to go ahead with that next step in this big political Sorry game. The vote of no confidence is a non-binding symbolic gesture that is so, so much more intense and dramatic than all those other non-binding symbolic gestures they've tried thus far.

So let's assume, for the sake of argument, that the anti-Gonzales resolution passes with a healthy majority. What then? Gonzales no doubt will issue a statement declaring that he intends to continue to work for the American people. And the White House no doubt will issue a statement declaring that Gonzales continues to have the full support of President Bush.

Yes! Awesome! Bring it on! This is the third or fourth most exciting resignation stalemate this year! The only thing that could excite us any more is another Republican presidential debate! Or maybe a press release from John "Dreamboat Veterans" Kerry!

No Confidence in His Competence [WP]


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