Good, Because We're Sick Of This Shit

OMG it's a computer ... and a chick ... WTF? - WonketteWashington Post editor Len Downie told some nerds today that "Everyone in our newsroom wants to be a blogger."

Yet they bravely continue putting out a newspaper. And posting leftovers on the website. Other Downie revelations from his speech at the "Online News Association," whatever that is:

* "Our largest driver of traffic is Matt Drudge."

* "I was known for writing long as a reporter, I edit long, and now there's a place to put it all."

And they think it's funny when bloggers mock them, etc.

UPDATE, BREAKING: Several Posties were quick to inform us that Downie forces them to blog all kinds of extra stuff, for free, and they all hate it and are going to kill him, possibly with Marc Fisher, because he's one of the lucky elite who gets paid to work more. Also, WaPo's "DC Wire" was apparently abandoned for good on September 14.

'Wash Post' Editor Downie: Everyone in Our Newsroom Wants to Be a Blogger [Editor & Publisher]

The Volunteer State: Some Posties blog for free [Washington City Paper]


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