Good Music, Cheap Drinks At DC9


If you want to dance to indie music and drink cheap beer all night, DC9 is the place to go. They've always got fantastic specials (some nights feature FREE Olde English or Red Bull & vodka), you don't have to dress like a douchebag, and there is absolutely no chance that you will run into your boss -- it's certainly not one of those hip, modern lounges that DCites in their late thirties would hang out at.

Friday is the Liberation Dance Party, featuring indie music from all genres, including TV on the Radio, the Rapture, A Tribe Called Quest and the Streets. Things really get good on DC9's Saturdays, where top DJs like DC-favorite Nouveau Riche spin a mix of mashups, top 40s, old school R&B, and indie rock.

Check out their list of events here and be sure to hit up KIDS, DC9's hip hop dance party (with girl DJs, wow!).

DC9, 1940 9th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001, (202) 483-5000 [map]


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