Sorry, Michelle, apparently you lost the asshole vote by being coolOn Monday, Michelle Bruce, the transgender City Council member in Riverdale, Georgia about whom we previously reported, prevailed in the lawsuit brought against her by Georgia "I Only Ran to Get the Queer Out of Office" Fuller. Fuller sued saying that Michelle has misled voters about her gender, but the suit was thrown out of court by the judge.

Unfortunately, Fuller's lawsuit had its intended effect, which was to make sure that if anyone in Riverdale (or beyond) didn't know about Michelle's medical condition before, they sure as hell do now. In yesterday's runoff election against challenger Wayne Hall, Wayne prevailed against Michelle with 308 votes to her 223. I'm totally sure that just because he ran to get her out of office doesn't at all mean that he'll be a crap politician or anything.

Photo courtesy of R.O. Youngblood and Southern Voice

Transgender Ga. politician loses runoff [Yahoo News]


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