Good News For Gays Who Like Fighting In Wars

Good News For Gays Who Like Fighting In Wars

  • Hey, it looks like Obama and the Democratic Congress are finally going to get around to repealing don't ask, don't tell, just weeks before the midterm election returns a 100 percent Republican Congress that would never ever agree to such a thing. What convoluted legislative shenanigans have these man-loving and/or sapphic warmongers come up with in order to thwart the will of America's gay-hating people? Basically, Congress will pass a law saying that that DADT will be repealed once the Pentagon finishes its review and signs off on it, even if that is after Republican Revolution II in 2010. Obama is OK with this, and, since Defense Secretary Gates and all the service heads are also pro-repeal, you'd think that they'd be down too, but they're being kind of snippy, and a lot of Congressfolk won't vote yes unless they give the thumbs up. Joe Lieberman is sponsoring the bill in the Senate, reminding America that he spends a good three to five percent of his time not being a dick. [CNN]
  • Experts believe that soldiers who had served with their sexuality secret will be perfect candidates to fight in all of America's new secret wars, of which, it turns out, there are quite a few. [NYT]
  • Remember the line-item veto thing Supreme Court said was unconstitutional, back in the '90s? Well, Barack Obama wants one, except the one he wants is a totally constitutional version, he swears! [ABC]
  • D.C. Council member Michael Brown wants the District's richer inhabitants to pay a higher rate of income tax. This is called "progressive taxation," and the only governments that use it are communist dictatorships. [WaPo]

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