Good News If Your Name Rhymes With "Cockheed Blartin"

* This is now officially going to end up being the longest presidential campaign in history, thanks to South Carolina. And Iowa, and New Hampshire, and Florida. [WP]

* Closing Guantanamo is just really hard, ok? It's way harder to release people than it is to lock them up forever without charges. [NYT]

* We haven't had any coffee yet so we can't actually quite figure out this new statistic about minorities and counties but all we know is that it does not bode well for Tom Tancredo. [NYT, WP]

* Bush is considering a fresh plan to apply the one single thing he pretends to know about economics: tax cuts are magic and make everything better. [WP]

* The British politely ask us to leave Afghanistan because they are trying to "rebuild it" and we are "bombing the shit out of it." [NYT]


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