Google Thinks We're Dumb And Lets Glenn Beck Take Over the Internet


Happy day after a long weekend! Here's a list of news items that'll likely bring upon a series of existential questions upon you -- do you care what Google thinks of you? Would you sell your soul for coal? Are you going to watch Glenn Beck's series for the laughs? Think hard on that one. It costs money now.

  • According to the writer of a new book about the Internet, Google thinks we're stupid. Just because I had to look up what year Hart's War came out, they think they can judge me like that? [The Daily Beast]
  • The coal industry is buying fans by paying people to wear T-shirts supporting them at an EPA meeting. Surprisingly, those shirts don't say anything like, "We're made out of DINOSAURS! HOW AWESOME IS COAL?!" [Grist]
  • Do you brag about being part Native American? Do you help out the community on a political, social, or cultural scale -- or do you just want to be able to get away with a Pocahantas costume for Halloween? [Slate]
  • Glenn Beck has a webseries! It a super awkward sketch show. Like SNL when the host is not known for being funny, being in anything funny, or ever having made a joke. [The Atlantic]

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