GOP Congresslady Refuses To Dignify Smoking Rumor Because It Was On That Twitter Thing


Just when you thought theTwitter fad was some dumb fucking thing nobody would possibly actually use -- our Intern Juli was recently shocked to find it's nothing but "an anthology of away messages? on a website?" -- there is proof that it could change democracy forever. Republican congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of the Nashville suburbs is now at the center of a powerful Twitter storm, as somebody somewhere remarked that her teeth are terrible, and therefore she must be a chain smoker, like every other 52-year-old blonde in Tennessee.

Here is the blockbuster "tweet" that has rocked the congressional race in whatever district:

I just noticed this for the 1st time - does Marsha Blackburn smoke? - what is that stain on her 2 front teeth?

Blackburn was quick to issue a shameful non-denial:

“In the midst of a Middle Tennessee fuel crisis, debate over a $700 billion dollar bailout to avert a possible Wall Street crisis, and a significant Republican victory on energy; you can understand why I won’t comment on every random tweet out there.”

Yes, whatever, smokin' congresslady. Go enjoy your Capri 100s.

A Cancerous Tweet [Politics: Nashville Post]


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