GOP Consultant 'Love Triangle' Deaths Remain Totally Insane

CREEPY - WonketteThe mind-bendingly weird suburban Florida deaths of two GOP consultants and an ex-marine continue getting weirder. The Orange County sheriff announced yesterday that Jason Drake -- the ex-marine -- killed the consultants before offing himself, though they gave no explanation for his actions and Drake left no helpful note.

Ralph Gonzalez -- whose story we last looked at here and here -- was apparently gay, and early reports made tantalizing mention of a "love triangle," but now it's all just a big puzzle.

David Abrami, former political consultant, was Gonzalez's housemate -- and maybe not gay? He had a girlfriend in one story, anyway.

Drake "installed tile and wood flooring." And they all hung out "socially and professionally to some degree" according to the Sheriff's office.

If you want some insane speculation that we can't actually follow, well, look here. It involves gay porn producers and "THE REPUBLICAN CLIENT LIST OF THE GAY ESCORT BUSINESS." FUCK YEAH.

Bryan, Harlow, and "Drake" [CrimeBlog]

Police: Ex-Marine Killed Consultants, Self [Orlando Sentinel]


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