GOP Cuts & Runs From Weldon, Beauprez & Ney Districts

Buh-bye, Curt - WonketteBad news for Crazy Curt Weldon: The National Republican Congressional Committee is cutting spending on his doomed Pennsylvania race and shuffling that money to help out some other GOP guys who have a better chance. Oh well. He's going to jail fairly soon, so losing his House seat is the least of his problems.

The NRCC is also bailing on the old Bob Ney and Bob Beauprez districts in Ohio and Colorado. (Ney's going to prison and Beauprez is running a campaign for governor that's being investigated by the FBI.)

Even the Republicans are kind of embarrassed by Ney, who was convicted of taking bribes from Abramoff and general felony conspiracy but still refuses to resign his seat in Congress. He's going to be officially expelled in the December session if he hasn't quit by then.

Meanwhile, the Dems are moving money and firepower into four conservative districts in New Hampshire, New York, Kansas and Nebraska.

GOP reins in spending in 3 House races [Associated Press]


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