GOP Debate #194,834 This Month: Choose Your Own Adventure!

OH, is there is another CNN GOP debate 2NITE? It's a "day," probably, so YES, there is. The alcoholic beverage makers of America thank you, CNN! Everyone else thinks you are terrible. So, uh, Herman Cain will eat a delicious fried Mexican,  Newt Gingrich will eat Wolf Blitzer, the fried Mexican will eat Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney will play the part of the plate of withered steamed brussel sprouts nobody wants to eat. Who will survive?! Odds are good you can watch ithere. And now for a change, both your editors are down roaming Liberty Plaza like wild goats and will not be liveblogging, so, our dearest Wonketteers, we leave it to you to make your own fun, in the comments!

In case you missed it, here is a terrible video of Herman Cain mouth raping John Lennon's hippie anthem Imagine, to celebrate.


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